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Mighty Marlins

The Mighty Marlin program is for young swimmers (approximately 4-8) who are working towards being on the swim team! We welcome younger brothers and sisters of current Marlins, as well as those children new to the swim team experience!

The Mighty Marlin Program includes:

  • 6 weeks of 45 minute classes in the mornings after school has ended (29 classes total, beginning at 9:30 am)
  • Classes focus on developmental freestyle and backstroke skills, as well as basic racing techniques, including starts!
  • Joining our big Marlins at pep rallies and any spirit events!
  • And finally, our much anticipated 2019 Mighty Marlin Meet¬†on the last day of classes!

Please note that the Mighty Marlin program does not replace swim lessons and is not a water readiness class. Your child is ready for the Mighty Marlin program when he/she can do the following:

  • Put face in the water
  • Blow bubbles
  • Kick with a kick-board
  • Kick with head in water
  • Float
  • Use both arms
  • Swim to the first guard chair

These requirements ensure that all of our Mighty Marlins and instructors have a safe and productive swim season! You have plenty of time after the pool opens in May and before our classes begin to get your child Mighty Marlin ready!

Mighty Marlins will be evaluated for these skills during our Mighty Marlin screening on June 16th. Your fee will be refunded if they are unsuccessful. If your child cannot complete these tasks, or is younger than 4 years old, please consider private lessons with one of our energetic young coaches or group swim lessons offered through the pool.

The 2019 Mighty Marlin classes will run daily from Tuesday, June 18th through Friday, July 26th. The Mighty Marlin meet and Paper Plate Awards will be on Friday, July 26th, during our last class.

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