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Dive Meets

In the NVSL, 32 divers compete in a regular meet. We welcome divers of all skill levels. The coaches work with the children to help them learn and improve the dives they need to participate. The coaches will then determine who will dive in each meet based on the readiness of the diver. We encourage all team members and parents to come and support the team. 


●Dive meets begin at 6:00 PM

●Home Team warm-ups begin at 4:00 PM; Visitor warm-ups begin at 5:00 PM

●Officials arrive by 5:30 PM

●Divers arrive at our pool by 3:30 PM for Home meets;

●Divers arrive by 5:00 at the scheduled pool for Away meets.

The NVSL "A" Meet schedule for the summer of 2019 – Division 5

June 25 Dominion Hills at Lakeview
July 2 Hunt Valley at Hunt Valley
July 9 Mantua at Lakeview
July 16 Ravensworth at Ravensworth
July 23 Sleepy Hollow Bath and Racquet at Sleepy Hollow Bath and Racquet
July 28 Divisionals Ravensworth
Aug. 4 All-Stars Springfield

For away meets, we normally plan to meet at Lakeview, about 4:30 PM, and drive to the other pool together. Specific meeting times will be announced by the coaches and directions will be provided or are available on the NVSL website. If your child needs a ride, we can try to help arrange it, but we need to know by Tuesday morning’s practice. Please do not drop your diver off at the pool and leave until a firm ride is confirmed!

The divers need to stay in the team area and focus on the competition before and after their event. Cheering on your teammates is half the fun! After the away meets, we usually stop for ice cream and celebrate before heading home. Everyone is invited!!

Dive Meet Volunteers

For dive meets, the following people are required from our team:

Referee (Home meet only – requires training and experience)

Announcer (Home meet only)

Judges (2 from home team, 3 from visiting team – recommended training)

Meet Secretary (Home meet only)

Table Workers (2 for each meet – easily trainable on site)

Snack Bar Workers (3-5 for each Home meet – no previous experience needed)

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