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Meets and Events

Volunteering at Meets

Volunteers are vital to the team and each family is required to work their required hours. It takes more than 40 people on the pool deck to facilitate a swim meet. This number does not include the people needed to set up the pool for meets or take down the meet equipment afterward. It also does not include the people needed to run the world famous Marlin snack bar. Outside of meets, the team needs people willing to organize and help with fundraising, spirit wear, social activities, Friday night dinners, and the end-of-season awards ceremony.

We will hopefully be using SwimTopia to organize volunteers for meets and other events. SwimTopia allows volunteers to sign up online.

What to Bring to Meets (label everything)

  • Goggles (2 pairs), sunglasses, team T-shirt, and team cap. Swimmer should wear swim suit to the meet; if not, arrive at least 15 minutes early to get dressed.
  • Plenty of towels 
  • Warm clothing (ex. hoodie or light jacket for cool weather).
  • Chairs or blankets to sit on (away meets).
  • Cooler for fruit, water or sport drink, healthy snacks, etc. Please do not let swimmer eat "heavy" prior to swim meet. 
  • Sunscreen -- apply before putting on swim suit and during the meet.
  • Sharpie for writing events on hand.
  • NOTE: If team members choose to bring electronics, books, games, deck of cards, etc., they are the members' responsibility and cannot be watched by the coaches or other meet staff. Things can get wet and stepped on, so bring such items at your own risk.

At the Meet

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to warm ups.
  • Swimmers should sit with the team and participate in spirit chants. Listen for your event and be ready to go to the Clerk of Course when called by the coaches.
  • All swimmers must talk to the coach after each event.
  • Make sure you check with the coach before you leave the meet. You may be on a relay!
  • Please make sure you have all your belongings and discard your trash appropriately before leaving.
  • Have FUN!!

Spectator Guidelines

Spectators must stay in designated areas for guests. The area behind the times at a swim meet must be kept clear so that competitors may be positioned for the next event. Spectators should not ask table workers, timers, judges, or officials about the times and scores. Team Reps will be available for questions.

The call for quiet from the starter must be followed. Please respect the referee’s whistle for silence. Remember to cheer for your team, your children, friends, and an athlete who is struggling--just remember to do it at the right time.

Silence your cell phones!

No photographs from behind the start area. No flash photography at the start. A flash looks like a start strobe. You are welcome and encouraged to take pictures and submit them for the slideshow at the end of the year.

Spectators/Parents are not allowed in the team area. Parents must let their children remain in the team area during a meet. Meet participants are expected to be in the team area and ask permission to leave.

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